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We at believe that effective ads need to be emotionally engaging in order to be effective. That's why we work hard to give you a better alternative to traditional or outdoor advertising.

Buyers will now find car purchases affordable and more attractive as has come up with an ideal situation that not only takes care of EMIs for buyers, but also promotes business for advertisers who have a novel way of broadcasting their products. has emerged as No.1 passenger car advertising service provider.

Our car wrap ads effectively reach both pedestrians and motorists in busy urban areas. Because of its low cost and high reach, our car wrap advertising has the most effective CPM of any advertising type.
Whether you need to build your brand or launch a product, is here for you. Research shows that our unique brand of mobile marketing offers you all of the following:

1. An Undisputed Impact

  • On average, 38% of the targeted audience remembers seeing car wrap advertising.
  • Your marketing campaign is noticed! Research shows that 28% of your audience will talk about your advertisement to others.
  • Our car wrap advertisement brings your message right to the level of the drivers—motorists can't help but notice a fully-wrapped car driving beside or in front of them.
  • 91% of the general public accept car wrap advertising. Most view it as novel, unobtrusive, and extremely memorable

2. Tightly-Controlled Visibility

  • By carefully soliciting information about our drivers' commutes, we can ensure high traffic and an immense degree of control over where and when your ad will be seen. Mobile ads offer geo-targeting like no other.
  • Our vehicle requirements ensure that your ads will only be seen on well-maintained cars in excellent visual condition.
  • When not on the road, your message will be parked outside busy urban areas, ensuring that our ads will be working even when our drivers cannot.

3. A Guaranteed Audience

  • Our network features and the length of our advertising campaigns guarantee a very good return when measured via "Cost Per 1,000" analytics.
  • Studies have shown that mobile advertising reaches more consumers at a lower cost than any other form of outdoor advertising.
  • Studies show that drivers see car ads on average from 5 seconds to as many as 5 minutes if they continue to follow the car. This allows for an unparalleled level of exposure!

4. Network Characteristics per Campaign of 100 Fully-Wrapped Cars

  • Number of ad spaces: 400 (100 cars x 4 sides)
  • Minimum Length of average campaign: 4 weeks
  • Number of trips: 12,000
  • Distance traveled: 1500 kms

This is where comes in as a change maker in the Indian Society.

Let our hard-driving ads work for you!
Our cars are quite literally the perfect vehicles to boost your image, brand, and exposure. Our fleet can efficiently place your products and services in front of a captive audience, and our seductive and eye-catching designs ensure that you will get noticed. And best of all, our car wrap advertising is cost-effective and boasts a highly effective CPM.

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