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India is a country with a billion people and a million ambitious youngsters. And we are giving YOU (the car dreamers! the advertisers! The start up investor community! The media houses! The political parties! The international investor community! The auto manufacturers etc etc....) more than one reason to TALK ABOUT US AND CONNECT WITH US!


A new advertising business gives businesses the opportunity to get their brand on INDIAN roads. puts ads on cars, enabling vehicle owners to buy a car EMI free, and providing advertisers with a cost effective way to increase their brand’s exposure. puts advertising on private vehicles. Advertisers GET SEEN! And Car Owners GET THEIR CAR EMI FREE!


“We are the most cost effective brand advertising medium available,” says Founder, Sachin Rastogi. “Our CPM (cost per thousand impressions – a standard advertising measure) can be as low as $10- 15, compared with $30-35 for newspaper and radio, and more than $70 for magazines”

The Vinyl advertisements that are put on the cars are safe and even protect the original colour. Our designs are impressive and are being acknowledged too.


While similar operations exist overseas, the start-up’s business model is unique. “Models operating in Canada and the UK provide a meeting place for advertisers and car owners – a sort of specialised Facebook where advertisers have to do all the work,” Mr Rastogi explains. “Our approach is unique in that we take demographic and geographic data and find advertisers the best vehicles for their needs. We do all the hard work for them, from finding the right vehicles, to getting them dressed, and managing the car owner relationship for the duration of the campaign.”


US research has found vehicle-based advertising to be among the most effective, with recall rates above 80%. “You can’t ignore them, you can’t turn them off or fast-forward them, and you can’t turn the page” Mr Rastogi points out.

The dream of getting your car EMI free is just getting true! ”. We always stay humble when learning from our customers, and at the same time are ambitious enough to solve large worldwide problems.


Advertisers’ needs are matched with car owner attributes such as vehicle type, areas visited and distance travelled, enabling the advertising to be targeted to specific areas. “The great thing is, this works for businesses all sizes,” says Mr Rastogi. ‘’ Small local businesses can really increase their exposure by engaging a single car in their locale, and corporates can expand their brand’s footprint significantly by taking a fleet approach.”

For Advertisers, we are a cost-effective, high impact way of getting in front of thousands of potential customers. We work with small businesses and corporates alike to expend their footprint, increase their brand awareness, and grow their business!
For Car Owners, we provide an opportunity to GET THE CAR OF THEIR DREAMS! We may even be able to help you save money on your insurance!

EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. Your New Car the Next Frontier for The Mobile Revolution? EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. intent to acquire and offer passenger car exteriors to advertisers. EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. Someone who has purchased a car fully even can earn through this concept. This way the car, traditionally a depreciating asset, turns into a performing asset.           EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. This medium also allows consumers to be interactive with new and established companies and products like never before. EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. It's a way for consumers to actually "get back" something from the advertising of the companies out there. EMI Free Car Pvt. Ltd. Among advertisers, has received positive response.