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Whether you work in Marketing & Sales, Client Servicing, Information Technology, Creative, Media & Production or any other function within the Group, you are working with some of the sharpest and most creative brains in the Advertising industry, supporting our customers and developing cutting-edge concepts and sustainable solutions that will change the future of society.

You are part of an organization that offers opportunities for personal development trough challenging assignments, training, international experience and internal mobility Ė on a global scale. And you will get the chance to work with some of the strongest and most respected brands in the industry.

Find your place in the Group. WE are GROWING FAST and SO CAN YOU!

Donít waste your time thinking! Gift yourself a Bright future and Shining Career! Walk in with your resume Today.


What do we do to effect such a transformation? We describe this with a refreshing twist - EMPLOYEES FIRST!

Our success has resulted from putting employees first, especially those working in the "value zone" where company and customer interact. To do so, we did not institute any employee satisfaction programs, undertake any massive restructurings, or pursue any major technology initiatives. Instead, we employed a number of relatively simple catalysts that produced big (and often unexpected) results and proceeded through four phases:

These concepts only became clear to you after the transformation that happens to you, this Fortune magazine has characterized as "the world's most modern management" -successfully adopted by our company to give the best results TOGETHER!

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Akshay Kumar's Holiday Movie car Advertisement in New Delhi India Akshay Kumar's Holiday Movie car Advertisement in New Delhi India

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