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Make It Perfect.
Thatís our passion, and we live it.

Welcome to the business model built for your DREAM CAR by This is a national phenomenon. And weíre really getting jazzed about this.

The name carries a hint as to's business, but if you stopped in at our website, you might think you'd hit upon an environmentalist's mission statement.

"Today the personal vehicle dominates the outdoor landscape more than any other time in history.... The car is king of the outdoors. The sheer physical dominance of the car coupled with the worst traffic congestion levels in history make" -- and here comes the clincher -- "the personal vehicle a natural medium for outdoor advertising."

When people are stuck in their cars, what can we do? We can bring those messages, we can entertain them, we can inform them, and we can educate them -- which we think is going to be better off for all of us.

The underlying concept has been done before. "Beetle Billboards" positioned ads atop Volkswagen beetles in the '70s. And other companies have placed ads on drivers' back windshields.

But thanks to thin and remarkably subtle vinyl adhesive able to wrap pre-printed images around cars' curvy lines and corners, we have taken advertising to a new, and some might say, excessive level.

All of the cars will be equipped with global positioning units that ensure not only that drivers are driving the 1,500-km-per-month minimum along the specified routes. All the tracking is simply part of doing good business for, which projects, in a good commuter, up to 750,000 "impressions" per month.

We know that if we consistently deliver superior and outstanding service, youíll always come back for more. As one of the nationís trailblazer companies, we decided long ago to set the bar for quality and dedication in our industry.

As a result, you can completely rely on our PASSION!